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"Thank you for your company's services. This will be a service that I will always use in the future when required, and I will be sure to reffer and recommend Gregory Self Storage to all. The facility is very neat and well kept, and Sam on the weekends is great. Thank you very much for your service. Thank you again Lia. "
Regards Donovan Chisholm

"Good day to you all, Hope to find you well. It saddens me to leave, as I have been a very happy & contented lessee. A very big THANK YOU goes out to each and every one of the staff members for their friendliness and help always. I will surely miss you all. "

Self Storage in
Kempton Park

Self storage units are not just for hoarders – there are many reasons why someone would want to make use of self storage. People are increasingly turning to self storage as a low-cost and safe alternative to store their belongings.

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Here are five main reasons that people may choose to use self-storage:

  1. Moving house: Moving is a stressful experience, and what often makes it more so is when your ‘move out’ dates and ‘move in’ dates don’t match up. It is very common for homeowners to make use of short-term storage while waiting to move into their new home. (Just make sure you keep all of the essentials with you!)
  2. Renovating: Rather than covering up your furniture and having builders try to work around it, using self storage to keep your furniture protected is a stress-free option. By using a self-storage facility that is very central (such as near Kempton Park), it will be a painless process to drop it off and then collect it when you are ready.
  3. Expanding the family: Whether itis a new baby, or elderly parents moving in, having more people living in the home generally means that you will need to clear out a room for the new occupants. Rather than donating or selling items, many people turn to self storage, especially for items that can be used again later on.
  4. Keeping important documents safe: Businesses need to keep some of their documents for a certain number of years (for tax or legal purposes). Office space is expensive, so short term storage becomes an affordable alternative.
  5. Gap year / University holiday: University students are known to move around a lot – in fact it is often a requirement of dorms that students move all their furniture out at the end of the student year. Many students make use of short term storage to store their furniture and belongings between the end of one year and the start of the next (approximately two months). Students who end up going on a gap year between studying and working also often make use of short-term storage.

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