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Benefits of using self storage for boats

If you own a boat, it is very likely a big part of your summer routine. But when winter hits, the boat will sit unused for long periods of time. Making sure your boat is safe and protected during this time is very important. You can keep your bot in the marina, but this often comes with hefty fees. Self storage is an affordable – and secure – alternative.

Here are a few tips to make the most of self storage for your boat:

Store on the trailer you use for hauling

This makes it much easier to back into your storage spot, and then when you are ready to use it, it will much easier to get out. Many boat owners use this method.

Consider using a cover

A winter cover will provide an additional layer of protection from the cold Gauteng winters.

Clean your boat before storing

Clean your boat thoroughly inside and out before putting it into storage. This will prevent the mildew-like smell. For longer storage (i.e. over the winter), consider getting your boat detailed – polish, wax, leather protection and teak wood sealing.

Clear out the boat of food and fabric items

Both food and fabric items can attract mice and other rodents, which can chew up and destroy things on your boat.

Fill up your tank

If you will be storing your boat for longer than just a week or two, fill your fuel tank, which will prevent condensation build-up. Also change the oil and lubricate any necessary systems.

Select the right self storage facility

There are variety of self storage facilities to choose from, each one with varying options, and levels of security. Before selecting a facility to store your boat in, view a few options. Make sure the one you choose takes their security seriously.


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