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"Thank you for your company's services. This will be a service that I will always use in the future when required, and I will be sure to reffer and recommend Gregory Self Storage to all. The facility is very neat and well kept, and Sam on the weekends is great. Thank you very much for your service. Thank you again Lia. "
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"Good day to you all, Hope to find you well. It saddens me to leave, as I have been a very happy & contented lessee. A very big THANK YOU goes out to each and every one of the staff members for their friendliness and help always. I will surely miss you all. "

Self Storage for
Cars and Caravans

Camping with a caravan during the holidays is a typical South African way to enjoy the summertime. But when you aren’t using it, it takes up a large amount of space. Many people end up storing their caravan in the driveway, or in a corner of the garden. The problem with this though, is that isn’t very safe, it exposes the caravan to the elements, and it is also a bit unsightly.

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An alternative that is becoming more popular amongst South Africans is to keep their caravans in storage over the winter months.

Benefits of storing your caravan in self storage:

  1. Improved security (our self storage premises have palisade fencing and a full time security guard).
  2. Protection from the sun and rain.
  3. Reduced risk of being damaged – either by a tree, or other vehicle.
  4. More space on your property.
  5. Lower insurance costs (as your caravan will be more secure)

Self storage isn’t just for leisure vehicles – cars can also be safely stored at an affordable cost. Reclaim your garage and driveway space, and keep your vehicles safe and protected at the same time.

Prepare your car for self storage:

  • Wash and wax the exterior of your car.
  • Remove your wiper blades or cover them in plastic to avoid the rubber sticking to the windscreen.
  • Clean the inside thoroughly to ensure no remnants of food are left behind
  • Leave the handbrake down and use ‘chock’s to stop the car moving. (Leaving the handbrake up, or the car in ‘park’, can cause the brake pads to rust to the rotor drum.
  • Top up all the fluids – petrol oil, coolant, water.
  • And finally, disconnect the battery.

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